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2016 Type I F-550 Diesel 4x4

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AEV Ambulance Dealer

Your ambulance service or medical facility has been looking for an emergency vehicle in which you can have complete confidence.  One ambulance manufacturer keeps coming up: AEV, American Emergency Vehicles.
Speclin is proud to be a qualified AEV ambulance dealer.  Our ambulances meet the strictest OEM and OSHA standards for safety.  But more than that, you will appreciate our old-fashioned work ethic and attention to detail.  Our ambulances are always built to your specifications, not cookie cutter vehicles!
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More Emergency Vehicles

Speclin offers the depth of experience and range of vehicles to meet your needs and answer your concerns, including:


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Emergency Services
Claims Processing

Speclin offers more.  We offer a complete cadre of professionals to assist emergency services in meeting their financial needs.  How? With over 25 years of experience, Speclin offers a premier third party billing service that is HIPAA Compliant and maintains an electronic, customized claims processing operation specifically designed for emergency services reimbursement.

Professional Billing Services

Speclins pro-active staff of emergency service professionals makes sure you experience:

  • Patient care documentation that meets all reimbursement requirements
  • A professional billing associate, assigned specifically to your account
  • Fewer claim rejections and faster reimbursement
  • Detailed monthly reports allowing you to monitor ongoing performance

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