Mobility Accessories

Hand controls and steering aids are among the most affordable and practical vehicle enhancements you can choose.

The experts at Speclin know all the ins and outs of hand control, transfer seating, and securement selection.  After all, we outfit wheelchair vans to meet customer needs every day.  So when you ask yourself, �How do I choose the right mobility accessories for me?�  The answer is: Contact Speclin today!

Monarch Hand Controls

If you have limited lower mobility along with the desire to maintain your automotive independence, the answer is hand controls. Monarch hand control systems allow you to manipulate both brake and gas pedals using a specially designed hand controls (usually mounted below the steering wheel.)  Features include:

  • Large comfortable hand grips adjustable for your comfort.
  • An adjustable mounting assembly allowing for maximum leg room.
  • Adjustable brake and universal accelerator attachments.
  • Accelerator pedal moves freely when driven without hand controls by others.
  • Non-interference with tilt steering wheel feature of most cars.

B & D Transfer SeetingB & D Transfer Seating

B & D Independence is the recognized leader in Transfer Seat Bases.  Transfer seating assists wheelchair users to transfer from their wheelchair to the driver�s seat, providing for safe, independent mobility.

Made with heavy gauge frames, reliable actuators, and dependable controls, B & D transfer seating is certified to meet FMVSS & CMVSS 207 and 210 standards.  You won�t know how you did without one.

Sure-Lok� and Q-Straint� Securement Systems

Sure-Lok and Q-Straint are two dynamic corporations committed to making tie down and occupant restraint systems that surpass expectation and deliver security and quality you can count on for years to come.

  • All Sure-Lok Wheelchair Tie-Down and Occupant Restraint Systems, used as recommended, meet or exceed all applicable industry and government requirements for use with common wheelchairs.
  • Q-Straint builds securement systems to the highest standards, ensuring you receive the safest product by employing an ISO 9001 Registered Quality System to ensure consistent product manufacture at all times.

Vehicle Modifications

In addition to hand controls, transfer seating, and occupant restraint systems, you can also turn to Speclin for the installation of custom interiors, raised roofs, raised door kits, and automatic door openers.  After all, our experienced teams custom outfit new mobility vehicles, ambulances, and fire/rescue vehicles throughout the year.  We can provide the most expert modifications for you. Contact Speclin today to learn more. 

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