Maintenance Services

Speclin Service Van

As important as finding the right Ambulance, Rescue Vehicle, or Wheelchair Van is keeping your investment in good repair.

Speclin has been custom outfitting ambulances, rescue & fire command vehicles, and wheelchair vans since 1989.  Our service teams are intimately familiar with the heavy demands made on emergency vehicles.  We know what it takes to keep your vehicle, whether it is a fleet vehicle or your personal accessible van, in service worthy condition.

Contact Speclin today to learn more about an approach to vehicle maintenance you can�t pass up.

  • Service and Maintenance specialists for all types of emergency vehicles.
  • Maintenance experience on a wide variety of Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles.
  • Customized, affordable fleet maintenance and preventative maintenance contracts.
  • Maintenance and Service on Wheelchair Vans and Accessible Minivans.
  • Ambulance rentals available.

Speclin Emergency Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Preventive maintenance brings predictability to both costs and vehicle availability.  No one likes surprises: the transmission ready to fail, the wheelchair lift about to jam.  Losing a vehicle to downtime can send you scrambling both to meet your obligations and find a way to fit a major expense into an already challenged budget.

At Speclin, we put your service and maintenance program on an even keel.  Our specialists work proactively to keep you informed of vehicle condition and serviceability, allowing you to plan properly for maintenance and replacement costs.

To learn more, Contact Speclin today!

Fast Response Service

When the unexpected does happen, Speclin is there for you.  We know you can�t afford to have a vehicle down for an extended period.  Lives are on the line and your community is depending on you.  That�s why Speclin has an On Call 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service operating in Southwestern and Eastern PA.  Contact Speclin today to learn more.

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