Billing and Management Services

Speclin provides professional, electronic claims processing for Emergency Services.  (Claims submission to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance carriers.)

Speclin has been helping our clients meet their financial challenges since 1989.

  • Speclin obtained a Platinum rating (the highest listing obtainable) during the HIPAA 4010 transition signifying we met or exceeded the most up-to-date electronic filing process and procedures for claim reimbursement.
  • Compliant with the X12N 837P reporting requirements. 
  • HIPAA 5010 approved
  • Generate the income you need to meet your fiscal planning requirements.
  • Fewer claim rejections and faster reimbursements.

Why Speclin Claims Processing?

Speclin fees are all inclusive and based on a percentage of what we collect for you, assuring you that all appropriate follow up is conducted. 

Your decision to utilize Speclin for billing services immediately affords your emergency service all of our experience in claims reimbursement, customer service, and insurance regulation knowledge.  Our pro-active staff assists you with making sure your patient care documentation meets all reimbursement regulatory requirements. 

Our software and data center was specifically developed for Emergency Services Billing and is continually maintained and monitored by our developers. 

This assures that we are always up-to-date with the continual changes and evolution that occurs with billing insurance carriers.  We are compliant with the ANSI X12 version - 5010 electronic data transaction set and will be ready for implementation of the ICD-10 coding system, now currently delayed until 2015).

    EMTs putting patient on ambulanceBenefits include:

    • Assignment of a dedicated billing associate (single point of contact) which has extensive training in the regulatory requirements and has successfully completed specific Medicare Part B educational programs.
    • Electronic receipt of patient charts for processing.
    • Review of patient care documentation to assure it meets all regulatory requirements.
    • Rapid electronic claims processing.
    • Continuous follow up.
    • Patient invoicing.
    • Highest return rate on insurance claims.
    • Toll free phone number.
    • Detailed monthly management reports.
    • Direct deposits to your account.
    • Payment methods: cash, checks/money orders, most major credit cards.
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    *** ePCR Update - August 2014 ***

    Speclin has always worked with a number of different ePCR organizations to assure our availability to access your ePCR data for billing purposes irrelevant to the system vendor. With the emergence of some newer vendors soliciting your business we wanted to assure you that, irrelevant to the system, we will always work with you during any change you may decide necessary for your organization. If we do not have an existing business associate agreement already signed with a given ePCR vendor that provides us access to your information, we can usually do that within a few business days..

    *** ICD-10 Update June 2015 ***

    Speclin volunteered and was selected to be a participant in the "End-To-End" ICD-10 testing with Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield during the spring of 2015. The significance of this testing provided us the ability to submit test claims that were processed with ICD-10 coding through the "system" including information regarding the reimbursement status for the claims submitted. This testing provided positive feedback as well as an assurance that we were ready and capable of processing your claims with ICD-10 coding with dates of service beginning October 1, 2015.

    *** ICD-10 Update October 1, 2015 ***

    The implementation of the ICD-10 coding requirement became effective on October 1, 2015 as scheduled. Our planning, staff education and implementation process provided all our clients with a seamless integration with no interruptions or delays with the reimbursement process.

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Free Reimbursement/Income Evaluation:

Whether you are currently processing your own claims, outsourcing or just thinking about the billing process, let us provide you a free, no commitment, evaluation of what we project your income should be. 

Complete the available evaluation/information sheet, send it to us and our experts will provide you an estimate of your potential income by having Speclin as your billing agent. 

We will not share or otherwise make available your information to anyone else or any other organization. 

A few minutes of your time to complete this form could prove to be financially beneficial to your operations.

Download Reimbursment Evaluation Form

Speclin works as your partner, always representing your organization in the best possible light.  Our mission is to help you succeed and expand the important work every emergency service organization does for its community.  Contact Speclin today or email

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